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  • Two (02) panoramic elevators (01, in the boarding sector and 01, in disembark). Priority for elderly, pregnant women and users with mobility difficulties;
  • Two (02) wheelchairs and one (01) transshipment chair available in service counters of bottom boarding and disembark sectors;
  • Three (03) access ramps to the central platform and to upper disembark;
  • Four (04) escalators (02, in boarding sector and 02, in disembark);
  • Ten (10) adapted toilets, located in boarding and arrivals sectors (upper and bottom) and central platform;
  • Special Needs People and Elderly Assistance Service (that may be requested in information counters).

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Conexão Barra – O terminal disponibiliza a conexão direta com o terminal Alvorada, na Barra da Tijuca. O usuário pode solicitar o serviço diretamente da plataforma ou salão de desembarque inferior. A conexão é operada pela Auto Viação Tijuquinha. As partidas ocorrem de 30 em 30 minutos. Para mais informações ligue para nossa central através do tel. (21) 32131800.

Terminal users that lost or forgot anything in Rodoviária Novo Rio’s facilities will be able to search for the Operations department, from Monday to Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The things found will be kept for 30 (thirty) days by the Lost and Found and, after this period will be donated to charitable institutions.

To get said things, the users should present legal documents that prove the property of the same.

The terminal has a variety of choices in two food courts of Novo Rio.

Check the list bellow of diners and restaurants available for our users:

  • Bob´s (upper boarding + kiosk on central catwalk)
  • Bomboniere Ponto de Bala (upper and bottom boarding + central platform bottom arrival).
  • Expresso Novo Rio Coffeehouse and Bar (central platform)
  • Viajantes Coffeehouse and Cheroothouse (upper boarding + upper arrival)
  • Lindo Rio Coffeehouse (upper and bottom arrival + bottom boarding)
  • Girafa’s (upper arrival)
  • Mega Mate (upper arrival)
  • Biscoitos Unibis Kioske (central catwalk)
  • Spoleto (upper boarding)
  • Via Rio Restaurant (upper boarding)

The information counters work 24h.

Placed in the main access of Novo Rio terminal (bottom boarding and disembark sectors), they have qualified service with bilingual professionals to attend foreigners.

There, you also can ask for assistance for people with special needs and elderly, which makes possible the boarding of users with mobility difficulties directly on the ground floor.

Novo Rio terminal has a bank agency of Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF), placed on the upper boarding, besides 12 ATMs in the whole terminal.

The terminal has 10 sets of toilets:

  • 04 in boarding sector;
  • 04 in arrival sector;
  • 02 in central platform.

The price for using is R$ 2,00, for user.

The access is for free for older people above 60 years old and people with disabilities. The charge is regulated and determinated by the grantor.

Novo Rio terminal has a free toilet situated in the upper arrival sector. In this it’s offered the shower service (it costs R$ 8,00, with right of towel and soap).

All the bus terminal facilities are monitored by internal circuit of surveillance cameras with 24 hours action by property securities.

The Batalhão de Policiamento em Áreas Turísticas– BPTur also attends to incidents keeping a station in management’s mezzanine sector.

Rodoviária Novo Rio has Exchange service to buy and sell paper-coin and previously paid cards in foreign currency.

The service works daily, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. (including in holidays), in the upper boarding sector.

Besides making bets, the passengers and terminal’s users can pay their bills and receive their social benefits in the lottery situated on the bottom boarding sector.

It works daily, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Post Office agency is situated on the bottom boarding sector.

It works from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m, and on Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The Garagem building, a building attached to the bus station, has direct access to upper boarding sector through the connection catwalk on G3 floor. It has 311 parking spots, 08 to people with disabilities and 18 to the elderly. Operating hours: 24h.

The values are regulated and determined by the current concession contract.


  • Up to 30 minutes R$ 11,00
  • Up to 1 hour R$ 13,00
  • After 1 hour, every 30 min or fraction ads R$ 3,50
  • R$ 42,00 a day

The locker service works 24h and is offered by a third-party company.

It can be found in bottom boarding and disembark sectors.

Values: R$10,00 a day (small and fragile objects).

For other amounts, please refer to in the place or by phone (21) 2263-8581.

The bus terminal offers a variety of products and services. They are many commercial establishments with excellent options. See below:

  • Amélia Brasil (Beach Fashion) on upper boarding;
  • Amélia Brasil (Underwear), on upper boarding;
  • ARF Folheados (JMC Bijoux), on central catwalk;
  • Balisun (Indian Fashion), on upper boarding;
  • Bolsaria (Purses and Bags), on central catwalk;
  • Bukz (Bookstore), on upper boarding;
  • Cia da Leitura (Newspapers and Magazines), on bottom boarding;
  • Drogaria Droga Life (Drugstore), on central catwalk;
  • Elle e Ella (Beauty Parlour), on upper boarding
  • Lembrarte – (Souvenir/Gift shop), on upper boarding;
  • MLB Modas (Women Fashion), on central catwalk;
  • O Boticário (Perfumery), on central catwalk;
  • OverBlack (Women and Men Fashion), on central catwalk;
  • Pé Carioca (Havaianas Store), on upper boarding;
  • Planeta Transfer (Printed Clothes), on central catwalk;

Times e Torcida (Sports Material), on central catwalk.

The bus stop has bilingual professional at two information counters situated in bottom boarding and disembark sectors.

Besides that, also on disembark, there’s a RioTur kiosk (Municipal Tourism Office) that, besides bilingual service, it makes available guidebooks (trilingual) for passengers and information about the city, hotel options and attractions.

The taxi’s cooperatives service is regulated and monitored by SMTR (Rio de Janeiro’s City Hall). However, the user can access certified service in counters situated in Rodoviárias Novo Rio bottom disembark sector.

Standard Taxi (“Amarelinho”):

  • Novo Rio Coop (Phone. 21 2213-0268)

Special Taxis:

  • COOPATUR (Phone. 21. 2263-3602)
  • COOPERTRAMO (Phone. 21. 2253-2433)
  • TRANSCOOTOUR (Phone. 21. 2590-2300)

Any question about the service quality and improper charging should be communicated directly to the surveillance agency via telephone 1746 or website www.1746.rio.gov.br (Ouvidoria [Ombudsman]- Rio de Janeiro City Hall).

Rodoviária Novo Rio offers to their users free access to Internet in all facilities, even in platforms. One only has to access the network Tipo WiFi Grátis in one’s notebook, tablet or smartphone and surf freely.


  • Novo Rio Bus Terminal

    Av. Francisco Bicalho, 01
    Santo Cristo – CEP: 20220-310
    Rio de Janeiro/RJ

  • Monday - Friday
    08:00hs as 18:00hs - Administração
    SAC 24hs

  • sac@novorio.com.br

  • +55 21 3213-1800

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